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Mt. Zion Lutheran Church

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Location: Ga 26 - 4 miles west of GA 49 south of Oglethorpe
County: Macon
Coordinates: N 32° 17.05    W 84° 9.772
  32.28416666    -84.1623
Style: Carved Stone **
Waymark: None
Mt. Zion Lutheran Church Marker
Photo by David Seibert


Organized as a Lutheran society by Pastor John D. Scheck in 1836, the church which came to be located here received its first pastor with the arrival of Father Jacob Kleckley in 1838. The initial worship site for "Ebenezer Church" was located on property of John F. Robinson. A second site was used on property of John T. Coogle before the church renamed itself "Mt. Zion" and moved to this site about 1858. Lutherans regularly worshipped here until a merger with St. Luke in Oglethorpe on 01 November 1953. The church building was razed in 1986.

This marker is erected with funds given in the memory of Mrs. Minnie Lou Williams Hammock.

Mt. Zion Lutheran Church
Photo by David Seibert


The stone marker replaced a metal marker on a monopole, which was standing at the site in 1996.