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Howard's Covered Bridge

Marker ID: GHS 109-2
Location: on southern end of Chandler Silver Road [dirt road] and intersection with Cloud's Creek Road about 1.3 miles west of Cloud's Creek Baptist Church marker
County: Oglethorpe
Coordinates: N 33° 59.19    W 083° 8.004
  33.98649979    -83.13339996
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM6RP7
Howard's Covered Bridge Marker
Photo by Ken Moser


Built in 1904-05 to replace an earlier structure, this bridge bears the name of a pioneer family who settled near Big Cloud´s Creek in the late 1700s. Constructed in the Town lattice design using convict labor, the 164-foot bridge´s web of planks crisscrosses at 45- to 60-degree angles and are fastened with wooden pegs, or trunnels, at each intersection. The south Georgia timber used in the bridge was transported to Smithonia via the Smith and Dunlap Railroad, a standard gauge steam railroad connecting the fam complex of James Monroe Smith with the Georgia Railroad at Dunlap.

2000.13 Erected by The Georgia Historical Society, Georgia Department of 109-2
Transportation, and the Federal Highway Administration

Howard's Covered Bridge
Howard's Covered Bridge
Photo by Ken Moser