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The Federal Attack on Hood's Corps

Marker ID: GHM 10-24
Location: At the New Hope cemetery across Ga 381 from New Hope Baptist Church at Chester Harris Dr. Follow the road around the cemetery to the marker.
County: Paulding
Coordinates: N 33° 57.526    W 084° 47.403
  33.95876479    -84.79004372
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM3HZ5
The Federal Attack on Hood's Corps Marker  


May 25, 1864. Brig. Gen. .W. Geary´s (2d) div. 20th A.C. [Federal], deployed in dense woods, N.W., advanced toward this ridge at New Hope Ch. - (5 p.m.) - supported on his right by Williams´ (1st) & on his left by Butterfield´s (3d) divs. - the corps front astride this road.

Repeated assaults on Hood´s corps [CSA], posted on this ridge (Stovall´s brigade on left; Clayton´s, center; Baker´s, right) failed to dislodge it after several hrs. of fighting.

Reinforced 20th corps assaults, May 26, were likewise devoid of results.

GHM 10-24 Georgia Historic Marker 1953


The number on the marker should be 110-24 rather than 10-24.