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De L'Aigle Brick Yard

Marker ID: WPA US 1 A-11
Location: In the Magnolia Cemetery, at the intersection of DeLaigle Avenue and 2nd Street, Augusta, GA
County: Richmond
Coordinates: N 33° 27.915    W 081° 57.315
  33.46525    -81.95525
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM7A75
De L'Aigle Brick Yard Marker
Photo by Ken Moser


In 1808, Nicholas de L´Aigle, a French refugee, established the brick yards 1/4 mile south which furnished Augusta with building brick for 75 years. River clay was "pugged" to the right consistency in a cylindrical vat by a stone turned with mule-power, and hand-moulded into bricks which were air-dried, built into kilns, and fired. Many old houses in Augusta and elsewhere in Georgia and the Carolinas are built of these bricks.

De Laigle Brick Yards
De L'Aigle Brick Yard
Photo by Ken Moser