Historic Markers Across Georgia

Richmond Academy - Removed

Marker ID: WPA 
Location: 4 blocks north of Telfair St, Augusta, GA
County: Richmond
Status: The marker has been removed.
Waymark: None


This building was constructed in 1802 by the Trustees of the Richmond Academy in which to operate the school provided for in its charter granted in 1783, which had been theretofore conducted in buildings between Reynolds and Bay Streets on the east side of Elbert (4th) Street, but which was abandoned in 1799 because of their dilapidated condition.

The school occupied this building until 1926, when it was removed to its present location on Baker Avenue, except that in 1863, after Chickamauga, the building was used as a military hospital and later taken over by Federal troops, who returned it in 1866. In 1929 the Young Men´s Library Association, founded in 1848, moved into the building.