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1827 Bethel United Methodist Church (Brick Church)

Marker ID: UMC 
Location: 2 miles northwest of US 301 on road to Girard
County: Screven
Coordinates: N 32° 57.916    W 081° 32.541
  32.96526    -81.54235
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM7WEG
1827 Bethel United Methodist Church (Brick Church) Marker
Photo by Ken Moser


In 1792 Bishop Francis Asbury on his yearly visit to Methodist Societies and Churches in Georgia held services while staying with the Lovetts, owners of Burton Ferry Landing, Savannah River. In 1811 Bishop Asbury stopped with `David Lovett, Scriven Co., preaching on Monday and Wednesday.` Robert Watkins Lovett is the first member recorded, 1825. Rev. Peyton L. Wade, a Methodist minister, gave the land and this `brick church` was built in 1827.

`Brick Church`, with a parsonage near, headed the Bethel Circuit (1858-1897). Since 1897 Bethel has been on the Girard Circuit and is Screven County`s oldest continuing Methodist Church.

South Georgia Conference Commission on Archives and History 1977

Bethel United Methodist Church
1827 Bethel United Methodist Church (Brick Church)
Photo by Ken Moser