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Doc Holliday - Martha Eleanora Holliday Grave

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Location: Rest Haven Cemetery, Griffin, GA
County: Spalding
Coordinates: N 33° 14.780    W 084° 15.344
  33.24633333    -84.25573333
  The coordinates have been estimated
based on the location of the marker.
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None
Doc Holliday - Martha Eleanora Holliday Grave Marker
Photo by Todd Massar


Doc Holliday
Martha Eleanora Holliday Grave

Born December 3, 1849, Martha Eleanora was the older sister of the legendary John Henry "Doc" Holliday.

Martha Eleanora was the firstborn child of Henry Holliday and Alice Jane Mckey Holiday. Despite being born less than two years before "Doc", she never met her younger brother. Martha Eleanora Holliday died June 12, 1850 at the ages six months and nine days. Her cause of death is unknown to us today. During this time, many infants did not survive to their first birthday. Some Holiday family historians suggest that Martha Eleanora succumbed to diphtheria, a respiratory illness. Other historians suggest that her death was due to complications from a birth defect.

Despite her young age, her death greatly impacted the Holiday family. Two months after Martha Eleanora's death, Alice Jane McKey Holiday joined the Presbyterian Church on Chappell Street. Her infant son, John Henry "Doc" Holliday, would be baptized there almost two years later.


The coordinates listed are of the cemetery, not the marker