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Dining Hall & Chapel

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Location: Bandy Drive, Toccoa, Georgia
County: Stephens
Coordinates: N 34° 35.583    W 083° 21.45
  34.59305    -83.3575
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None
Dining Hall & Chapel Marker
Photo by Brian Scott


Shortly after fire destroyed Haddock Inn, God gave Richard and Evelyn Forrest another sign that He would restore what had been lost. Rev. Forrest wrote an article that was published in the Alliance Weekly newsletter explaining what had happened and asking for prayer. When Karl Woerner received his copy, he was distressed. That night during his family's devotions, they talked about the tragedy and prayed for the school. Then the children went to bed. However, a few minutes later, the two youngest boys, Gustav (Gus) and Carl, came back downstairs and told their father they had come to a decision. They wanted to give the money they have been saving to buy a bicycle to Toccoa Falls instead. The amount was $18 - a collections of pennies, nickels, and dimes

"What about your bicycle, boys," their father asked. "We'll start over," they replied. Karl Woerner took his sons' money and sent it to Rev. Forrest, who always viewed that $18 as sacred. This was the beginning of a long relationship between the Woerner family and Toccoa Falls College - one that continues today.

Gus and his wife Pauline served more than 20 years as missionaries to South China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Later they became members of the faculty and staff of Toccoa Falls Institute. While Carl never became a missionary, he supported Toccoa Falls the rest of his life. In 1939 he bought Gus a new 1939 Ford to take back to the field.

On March 29, 1996, the Woerner World Missions Center was dedicated in the memory of Fred Woerner, another brother who also was a faithful supporter of Toccoa Falls, and to "Uncle" Gus Woerner for the purpose of equipping Christian servant leaders around the world.

This historical marker is placed in honor of the Centennial Celebration 1907-2007. Donated by the "Uncle Gus" Woerner family and Ruth (Woerner) Good's College Class of 1950.

2007 by "Uncle Gus" Woerner family and Ruth (Woerner) Good's College Class of 1950.

Dining Hall & Chapel
Photo by Brian Scott