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Lindberg's Solo Flight May 1923

Marker ID: GHM 129-8
Location: Souther Field, Ga 49 north of Americus, GA
County: Sumter
Coordinates: N 32° 6.579    W 084° 11.068
  32.10964527    -84.184459
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM3X2F
Lindberg's Solo Flight May 1923 Marker
Photo by GA Cacher


The `Lone Eagle` first flew solo in early May, 1923 from Souther Field. Charles Lindbergh had come to Americus to purchase a surplus aircraft from the World War I training center. He chose a Curtiss JN4 `Jenny.` He got the plane with a brand-new OX-5 engine, a fresh coat of olive drab dope, and an extra 20 gallon fuel tank for $500. Lindbergh had less than 20 hours instruction when he soloed. He practiced take-offs and landings for a week; then having filled up with forty gallons of gas, he set course for Montgomery, Alabama, to start his barnstorming career. Four years later Lindbergh flew alone in the `Spirit of St. Louis` from New York to Paris and into aviation history.


Lindbergh's Solo Flight
Lindberg's Solo Flight May 1923
Photo by GA Cacher