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Winds of Change

Marker ID: NPS 
Location: on Carter Boy Hood Farm Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, Old Plains Highway, Plains, GA
County: Sumter
Coordinates: N 32° 1.56    W 084° 25.995
  32.026    -84.43325
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: None


Purchased from a catalog in 1935 for about $100, a steel windmill like the one reconstructed here provided the Carters a welcome reprieve from the drudgery of pumping water for both the family and livestock by hand.

Windpower drew water from a deep well and raised it to the wooden tank on the tower. Pressure from that tank made it possible, for the first time, to have running water inside the house, supplying the new convenience of lavatory, commode, and a cold shower.

Experience here on the farm and in the nuclear navy gave Jimmy Carer insight about energy resources not dependent on oil.

As president he stressed the nation's need for innovative energy solutions, such as this California windmill farm.

Family photos, such as this snapshot of Lillian Carter with Jimmy and his sister Ruth, helped guide the reconstruction of this windmill.

Erected by Jimmy Carter National Historic Site - National Park Service - United States Department of Interior.