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Battle of Echowanotchaway Swamp

Marker ID: GHM 135-4
Location: Just west of Shiloh Church, N of GA 32, west part of county
County: Terrell
Coordinates: N 31° 49.511    W 084° 34.138
  31.82518094    -84.56896703
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM3PE
Battle of Echowanotchaway Swamp Marker
Photo by Ken Moser


Battle of Echowanotchaway Swamp

During the Creek Indian uprising in 1836, after the burning of Roanoke (Stewart Co.), 300 Indians came this way to join the Seminoles in Florida. Pursued by 132 Stewart Country Militia under Major R.W. Jernigan, they were overtaken here. After a sharp battle lasting 55 minutes, the Indians fled. Three white men were killed and buried in the Stapleton family cemetery, 2½ miles west of Dawson. The 13 wounded were cared for by neighboring families. Bodies of 18 Indians were found after the skirmish, several 3 miles away.

135-4 Georgia Historical Commission 1958