Historic Markers Across Georgia

Unicoi Gap Elevation - 2,949 Ft. - Removed

Marker ID: WPA 75 A-5
Location: Towns County line, Ga 75
County: Towns
Status: The marker has been removed.
Waymark: None


Unicoi Gap is the first pass in the Georgia Blue Ridge through which a public road was constructed. The Unicoi Turnpike built 1813- 1816 by a company of Georgians, Tennesseans and Cherokees extended from the head of navigation of Tugalo River through Nacoochee Valley across this gap, and down the Hiawassee River to Echota in Tennessee, then the capital of the Cherokees. From 1819 to 1832 this gap marked the last boundary between Georgia and Cherokee Nation.

139-A5 WPA 1941

Not standing


Missing or Removed