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Fort Twiggs - Missing

Marker ID: GHM 143-2
Location: Ga 96 1 mile east of river west of US 23 near Tarversville
County: Twiggs
Status: The marking is missing.
Waymark: None


Fort Twiggs, located near here, was erected in 1813 as frontier protection to the inhabitants of Twiggs County during the War of 1812. It was 100 feet square with two blockhouses in a stockade 8 feet high.

Manned by a force of 20 men, Fort Twiggs was erected and commanded by Major-General Ezekial Wimberly, then a Colonel. The only one of three forts ordered for Twiggs County to be completed, it was one of a series ten miles apart in line with forts of Pulaski and Telfair Counties.

General David Blackshear commanding defenses in this area, visited Fort Twiggs in 1813.

GHM 143-2 Georgia Historical Commission


Missing or Removed