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Battle of Griswoldville

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Location: Baker Rd located just east of the Griswoldville Rd, Macon, GA
County: Twiggs
Coordinates: N 32° 52.166    W 083° 27.613
  32.86943333    -83.46021666
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: WMNJM8
Battle of Griswoldville Marker
Photo by Markerman


Colonel Charles Colcock Jones, General Hardee's Chief of Artillery. summarized the Battle of Griswoldville:

"This engagement, while it reflects great credit upon the gallantry of the Confederate and State forces engaged, was unnecessary, unexpected and utterly unproductive of any good. The Battle of Griswoldville will be remembered as an unfortunate accident whose occurrence might have been avoided by the exercise of proper caution and circumspection."

On Nov. 22, 1864, a Confederate force was marching from Macon toward Augusta, under the temporary command of Brigadier general Pleasant J. Phillips. They had recently been pressed into service and were poorly trained and equipped. They had been ordered to reinforce Augusta, presumed to be Sherman's next objective.
A. They met Sherman's right flank guard, Brigadier General Charles C. Walcutt's brigade. The Federals were among the best of Sherman's seasoned veterans, and many were armed with Spencer repeating rifles. The Federal line (A) ran along this ridge and near the existing house on your right.

B. Phillips formed his men in line of battle on the wooded ridge a mile to your left (B) and for some never adequately explained reason, ordered an all out assault across the creek and open field. The Confederates made repeated courageous but unsuccessful assaults and sustained heavy losses.

C. The Confederate battle flag in the field to your front marks the approximate center and high water mark of the Confederate attack, Following the final attack, the Federals found a sickening and pathetic scene in front of their works. They saw their recent foes for the first time at close range. Lieutenant Charles W. Willis of the 103rd Illinois Regiment described what he saw:

"Old grey haired and weakly looking men and young boys not over 15 years old, lay dead or writhing in pain. I hope we will never have to shoot at such men again."
That night Phillips withdrew his depleted forces back into the fortifications of Macon.

Battle of Griswoldville
Photo by Markerman62