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Blood Mountain, Elevation 4458 Ft.-Chattahoochee

Marker ID: GHM 144-3
Location: At Walasi-Yi store at Neel's Gap on US 19
County: Union
Coordinates: N 34° 44.115    W 083° 55.077
  34.735246    -83.917952
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM17MQ
Blood Mountain, Elevation 4458 Ft.-Chattahoochee Marker  


In Cherokee mythology the mountain was one of the homes of the Nunnehi or Immortals, the `People Who Live Anywhere,` a race of Spirit People who lived in great townhouses in the highlands of the old Cherokee Country. One of these mythical townhouses stood near Lake Trahlyta. As a friendly people they often brought lost hunters and wanderers to their townhouses for rest and care before guiding them back to their homes. Before the coming of the white settlers, the Creeks and Cherokees fought a disastrous and bloody battle in Slaughter Gap between Slaughter and Blood Mountains.

GHM 144-3 Georgia Historical Commission 1958