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Trackrock Gap

Marker ID: WPA 76 C-1
Location: US 76 and Track Rock Gap Road, west of Young Harris
County: Union
Coordinates: N 34° 54.638    W 083° 52.065
  34.910639    -83.867754
  The coordinates have been estimated
based on the location of the marker.
Waymark: None


The Cherokees called this place Datsu nala gun yi, (where there are tracks), or Degayelunha, (Printed Place. Of the many theories of the origin of the tracks held by the Cherokees, probably the most sensible is that they were made by the Indians for their own amusement. Another tradition is that they were made by a great army of birds and animals while the newly created earth´s surface was still soft, to escape some pursuing danger from the west- some say a great ´drive hunt´ of the Indians.


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