Historic Markers Across Georgia

Walasi-Yi Inn - Missing

Marker ID: WPA 19 A-10
Location: Neel's Gap (at the Inn?) on US 19
County: Union
Status: The marking is missing.
Waymark: None


This gap, according to the Cherokee myth is the abode of Walasi, `The Great Frog,` leader of the ancient animal council. Until 1926, it was known as Frogtown Gap and was traversed only by the Frogtown Indian Trail.

Blood Mountain on the west is the home of the Nunnehi, friendly spirit folk of the Cherokee. Blood and Slaughter Mountains form a traditional battle site upon which the Cherokees defeated the Creeks. Neal Gap elevation 3,125 feet.

144-A10 WPA 1939

Not standing.


Missing or Removed