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Track Rock Petroglyph 1

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Location: on Track Rock Rd. 2.3 miles south of U.S. 76, 6 miles east of Blairsville, GA
County: Union
Coordinates: N 34° 52.978    W 083° 52.638
  34.88296    -83.8773
Style: Free Standing **
Status: The marker has been removed.
Waymark: None
Track Rock Petroglyph 1 Marker  


Track rock gap is one of the most significant rock art sites in the southeastern United States. It consists of six table sized soapstone boulders, containing hundreds of symbols and figures. The carvings were made by Native Americans beginning around A.D. 1000. While it is not certain the exact origins of the carvings, the Cherokee name for the gap is Datsu nalas gun yi, where there are tracks, or Degayelunha, Printed Place.

The carvings Track Rock were created in one of two ways. Many of the figures were created by taking. Hard rocks, or hammer stones, reused to create shapes by repeated blows in the same spot until the desired shape was created. Alternatively, some of the figures were created by in sizing or carving into the rock. The hard stone would be rubbed back and forth to create a design.

The carvings at Track Rock were likely made for several different reasons. Some of the carvings may have been made to symbolize an event that occurred, or to influence a future event. Other carvings may have been made is part o of ritual activities. Many of the figures represent spirit beings or the actions of spirits. Perhaps, the best way to understand track rock is as a sacred place for the people who created these carvings.

We hope you enjoy your visit but please do not mark damage or destroy these fragile elements.
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Track Rock Petroglyph 1


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