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The Battle of Jack's Creek-Sept. 21, 1787 - Missing

Marker ID: GHM 147-2
Location: US 78/Ga 10 in the northeast edge of Monroe, GA
County: Walton
Status: The marking is missing.
Waymark: None


The principal battle of white settlers and Creek Indians between the Revolutionary War and the War of 1813 - 14 left on record was Clark`s fight near here at a branch called Jack`s Creek, on Sept. 21, 1787. The attacking force of 130 whites, some distinguished veterans of the Revolution, was drawn up in three divisions: General Elijah Clark commended the center, Major John Clark, his youthful son, later Governor of Georgia (1819 - 1823), commended the left wing, and Colonel Holman Freeman commanded the right.

The Indians, thought to be some 800 in number were completely routed from their encampment, escaping in small parties. The battle terminated in a brilliant victory for the whites. Dr. Anthony Poulain attended the wounded at Jack`s Creek.

GHM 147-2 Georgia Historial Commission 1954


missing since the 1990s