Historic Markers Across Georgia

Starlight - Replaced

Marker ID: GHM 154-7
Location: Ga 17 just east of junction with Ga 75 at Nacoochee, GA
County: White
Status: The marker has been removed.
Waymark: None


`Starlight` was built 1824 - 1830 of handhewn sills, handmade brick and hardware. Its builder, Major Edward Williams, wrote of his new home, `In comfort and convenience it would vie with some of the finest homes in Boston¨.I can convey as good spring water as ever ran to each or all of the rooms` by gravity in wooden pipes. Major Williams came to Nacoochee Valley from N.C. in 1822, purchased a large tract of land for $1 an acre, part payable in corn and wheat. After building a temporary home and planting he brought his family down in late 1823. He died in 1856, leaving his home to his daughter, Hannah Williams Starr, wife of Dr. E.E. Starr. `starlight` became the name of the home after that.

GHM 154-7 Georgia Historical Commission 1956


Replaced by GHM 154-10

The home is no longer standing.