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Kettle Creek Battlefield

Marker ID: DAR 
Location: Marker can be reached from War Hill Rd 1.5 miles south of Tyrone RD, Washington, GA
County: Wilkes
Coordinates: N 33° 41.465    W 082° 53.165
  33.69108333    -82.88608333
Style: Carved Stone **
Waymark: None
Kettle Creek Battlefield Marker
Photo by David Seibert


(Marker Front)
The Patriots whose names appear on this marker are those who have been proved to have participated in the Battle of Kettle Creek on February 14, 1779.

Many brave men fought on this hallowed ground, some were wounded and others died here but never had occasion to make any official record of their service. Research and proof of record of service have been found in Revolutionary War Pension Statements, Military Service Records, Land Grants Records and National Archives, Washington, D.C.

Wilkes County Regiments Georgia Militia (140 Men)
Col. John Dooly Comdr. • Lt. Col. Elijah Clarke • Major Burwell Smith • Capt. Alexander Autry • Capt. John Cunningham • Capt. William Freeman • Capt. Daniel Gunnells • Capt. James Little • Capt. Joseph Nail, Sr. • Lt. William Black • Ensign Joseph Nail, Jr. • Micajah Brooks • Isham Burke • Owen Fluker • Charles Gent • Jesse Gordon • William H. Hammett • James Hays • Jesse Hooper • David Madden • Benijah Noridyke • Archibald Simpson • Peter Strozier • Benjamin Thompson • David H. Thurmond • John Webb • Micajah Williamson

Upper Ninety-Six Regiment South Carolina Militia (200 Men)
Col. Andrew Pickens Comdr. • Capt. Andrew Hamilton • Capt. Robert Anderson • Capt. James McCall • Capt. Joseph Pickens • Capt. Thomas Weems • Capt. Levi Casy • Lt. Joseph Calhoun • Lt. Alexander Ramsey • Lt. Samuel Roseman • Lt. Thomas Shanklin • Lt. Joseph Wardlaw • Thomas Langdon M.D. • William Anderson • John Bird • Willis Brazeale • William Buchanon • Patrick Cain • Francis Carlisle • William Carruthers • Thomas Cofer • Edward Doyle • Thomas Hamilton • John Harris • William Hutton • Andrew Liddle • John Loard • James Luckie • William Luckie Jr. • John McAdams • John McAlphin • Joseph McClusky • Elijah Moore • Samuel Moore • Alexander Patterson • Richard Posey • Samuel Reed • William Speer • John Trumble • William Turk

From the Auditor General Account Book 1778 - 1780 South Carolina Department of Archives and History
William Adams • Alexander Aaron • Robert Anderson • William Baskins • John Beard • David Beard • Robert Bell • John Bole • John Buchanan • William Brown • Willis Brazeale • James Cane • John Calhoun • James Caldwell • James Calvert • William Carothers • Samuel Carson • Daniel Carmichael • Alexander Chevas • Thomas Cofer • Cosby • Capt. John Cowan • Thomas Coyle • George Crawford • George Deardon

(Marker Reverse:)
Narrative for Kettle Creek Battlefield Marker

This marker was erected in 1979 at the observance of the 200th anniversary of the Battle Of Kettle Creek. It was a joint effort by the Washington - Wilkes Historical Foundation, Dr. Turner Bryson, President, and The Kettle Creek Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Mrs. John Singleton, Regent. The assistance of State Senator Sam P. McGill, and A. K. Johnson, Director of the Georgia Commission for the National Bi-centennial Celebration is gratefully acknowledged.

Erected 1979 by Washington - Wilkes Historical Foundation and the Kettle Creek Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Kettle Creek Battlefield
Photo by David Seibert