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The Village of Danburg

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Location: at the intersection of Bradford Rd (County Route 132) and Danburg Rd, Tignall, GA
County: Wilkes
Coordinates: N 33° 52.1    W 082° 39.117
  33.86833333    -82.65195
Style: Carved Stone **
Waymark: None
The Village of Danburg Marker
Photo by David Seibert



The Village of Danburg was settled circa 1825 by Samuel Danforth of Vermont and Massachusetts at this intersection of two important trade routes, the Augusta Road into North Georgia and the Abbeville, S.C. Milledgeville GA Road.
The original name of the village was Danforth town.

Amongst the families settling early in the village were the Andersons, Danforths, McLendons, Reabs, Shumates, Stathams, Suttons, Waltons and Wheatleys. They quickly created an atmosphere of education and cultural refinement, and the village was long a noted regional social center.

This memorial to honor the village is erected to the Glory of God and in memory of Walter Lee Sutton 1863-1947 by his obedient grandsons WLC CDS JSS CES, Jr

(Front – Southwest Face)

In Memory of the Loyalists of 1776

Loyal to the triple aegis of the British Crown, British Constitution and the Church of England, violence inevitably forced them to either take up defensive arms, faintheartedly join the Revolutionary cause or depart.

Thus perished the grand design of a United British North America. The victorious have been recognized; let the worthy vanquished be equitably honored.

Omnia Ad Dei Gloriam

(Left Side -- Northwest Face)

In memory of the Ante-Bellum and Confederate Leaders 1800-1865

The honesty and integrity of their leadership in civil life and the courage and endurance of their leadership in war represent a quality of leadership rarely since equaled. If their ideal of slavery was undoubtedly unjust, the quality of their public service was superb.

Omnia Ad Dei Gloriam

(Back – Northeast Face)

In Memory of the Veterans of the 1914-1918 War and the 1939-1945 War

Twice in this century men from the village went with American contingents to the assistance of Great Britain, our Motherland and her ally France, both engaged in a deadly struggle with Prussian militarism – Hitlerism. The sacrifices of these countries which gave us time to arm ourselves and of our men who served leave future generations yet deeply indebted.

In memory of the Veterans of the 1950-1953 Korean War and the 1965-1973 Vietnam War.

Our debts to these veterans are equally vast, for their sacrifices were too often undervalued by the public at the very time they were being made.

Omnia Ad Del Gloriam

(Right Side – Southeast Face

In Honor of the Black Citizens of the Village

Entrapped involuntarily in a system of servitude until 1865, they were thereafter entangled with the white citizens in a system of cotton-tenant-farming that exploited both through 1945 for the advantage of northern industrial capitalism. Both bondages were born by the black citizens with incredible fortitude, patience, and humor.

Omnia Ad Dei Gloriam

Grandsons of Walter Lee Sutton

The Village of Danburg
Photo by David Seibert