Historic Markers Across Georgia

Welcome to the Lat34North, Historic Markers Across Georgia. There are several web sites (see links at the left) that have information on the Historic Markers throughout GA. I have used several sources to collect this information, including personally visiting many of the Historic Markers, as well as the GeorgiaInfo© site*, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs site, the Atlanta Regional Commissions Google Earth download and the Waymarking site (Georgia Historic Markers category).

Historical Marker Repair and Replacement

Georgia has over 2,000 state historical markers. At any time, a number of markers are missing due to theft or are damaged, principally due to vehicle strikes but also due to construction, falling trees, bird droppings, etc. A 2010 assessment of the marker inventory revealed that many markers needed to be replaced, repaired, painted or needed new mounting posts. The cost to repair or repaint a marker is $1,000 to $1,200 (depending on condition), to replace a marker is between $2,100 to $2,400, and to replace a post is $325.

If you'd like to contribute to DNR's historical marker maintenance, even specifying a marker that needs to be replaced or repaired, please contact Josh Headlee, Senior Preservation Technician, Georgia Parks and Historic Sites Division, DNR, at 770-389-7811 or Josh.Headlee@gadnr.org.

Georgia Historic Marker Post Replacement Program
Georgia Historic Marker Post Replacement Program - M.H. Mitchell, Inc. and the State of Georgia are collaborating to replace Historic Marker posts.

Agencies that install Historic markers in Georgia.

Some statistical information on the Lat34North Historic Marker Data Base.

  Number of Counties in Georgia: 159
  Number of Counties with Markers currently listed on this site: 159
  Total Number of Markers listed on this site: 3786
  Total Number of Markers with text on this site: 3653
  Total Number of Markers with Waymarks listed on this site: 2994

* Used with Permission.