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Barbour County was created on 1832.

The county seat is in Clayton, AL.,
and the county is 885 sq mi Square Miles in area.

  FIPS Code: 01005

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There are 45 Historic Markers in Barbour County.

Barbour County / Early Barbour County Commissioners   -   HCC 
  Barbour County Courthouse lawn, Clayton, Alabama. WMFM22      

Barbour County High School   -   HCC 
  Located in front of the school off Alabama Highway 10, Clio, Alabama. WMK620      

Barbour County's "Little Scotland"/ Pea River Presbyterian Church   -   HCC 
  on Highway 51 approximately 5 miles south of Louisville, Alabama. WMPRJB      

Bethel Primitive Baptist Church   -   HCC 
  east of Blue Springs on Bethel Road .8 mile S. of Highway 10 near mile marker 203.      

Blue Springs School 1920-1969   -   HCC 
  the intersetion of AL Hwy 10 and Barbour County road 41, Blue Springs, AL WMFKBZ      

Central Railroad of Georgia Freight Depot   -   ABT 
  the median of East Broad Street, Eufaula, AL WMFJHJ      

Chief Eufaula (Yoholo Micco)   -    
  East Broad Street, Eufaula, AL      

Clayton's Architectural Heritage   -   ABT 
  at courthouse square on N Midway St., Clayton, AL WMFM28      

Confederate Hospital   -   UDC 
  `intersection of Riverside Drive and Front Street, Eufaula, Alabama WMFJHE      

Cotton and Creek Country   -    
  East Broad Street, Eufaula, AL      

Cowikee Cotton Mills   -    
  E Barbour St, Eufaula, AL WMPRJK      

Creek Indian Removal   -   HCC 
  at Old Creek Town Park, Lake Drive, Eufaula, Alabama. WMPRJN      

Election Riot of 1874   -   HCC 
  at the intersection of U.S. Highway 82 and Barbour County Road 49 near Comer, Alabama. WMFMA9      

Eufaula   -   AHA 
  North Eufaula Avenue (Highway 431) WMFJHT      

Eufaula First United Methodist Church   -   HCC 
  at 101 East Barbour Street (U.S. Highway 82), Eufaula, Alabama. WM8EDY      

Eufaula First United Methodist Church   -   HCC 
  101 East Barbour Street (U.S. Highway 82), Eufaula, Alabama.      

First Baptist Church of Eufaula   -   HCC 
  at 125 South Randolph Street, Eufaula, Alabama. WMFJHP      

First Presbyterian Church   -   HCC 
  201 N. Randolph Avenue, Eufaula, AL WMFJHP      

Fort Browder / The 15th Alabama Infantry   -   HCC 
  US Highway 82 in the Batesville Community , Barbour County, Alabama WMFMZE      

Freemount Junior High School   -   HCC 
  Alabama Highway 131 at County Road 36, Eufaula, AL      

General Grierson's March   -   HCC 
  Located in park median at the crest of the hill on West Broad Street, Eufaula, Alabama. WMFJTF      

George Corley Wallace, Lurleen Burns Wallace Governors of Alabama   -    
  in front of Memorial Hall, on Eufaula St., Clayton, AL WMG7A0      

Grace Episcopal Church   -   HCC 
  on South Midway Street in Clayton, Alabama WMFKVE      

Hart House   -   HCC 
  in the median across the street from the Hart House, 211 North Eufaula, Avenue, Eufaula, Alabama. WMFJH9      

History of Clayton, Alabama   -   ABT 
  at courthouse square on N Midway St., Clayton, AL WMFM2D      

Jere Locke Beasely   -    
  North Midway Street, Clayton, AL WMG6W7      

Louisville   -    
  On N Main St, (rout 51), Louisville, AL WMFM1Q      

Louisville and "Old Alabama"   -    
  1871 North Main Street, Louisville, AL      

Miller-Martin Townhouse   -   HCC 
  at 62 Louisville Avenue Highway 51 South) in Clayton, Alabama. WMFKV9      

Octagon House   -   HCC 
  at 103 North Midway Street in Clayton, Alabama. WM8EED      

Old Negro Cemetery/Fairview Cemetery   -   HCC 
  on the east side of North Randolph Avenue, Eufaula, Alabama. WMFJT4      

Providence Methodist Church and Schoolhouse   -   HCC 
  near the Batesville Community at US Highway 82 and County Road 79 in Barbour County, Alabama. WMFM9Y      

Side 1: Fendall Hall (The Young-Dent Home)   -   AHC 
  917 West Barbour Street, Eufaula AL      

Side 2: Young and Dent   -   AHC 
  917 West Barbour Street, Eufaula AL      

Spring Hill United Methodist Church   -   HCC 
  on the south side of Barbour County Road 89 just west of the intersection of 89 and County Road 49 in the community of Spring Hill, Alabama.      

The Battles of Hobdy's Bridge and Pea River   -    
  1871 North Main Street, Louisville, AL      

The City of Eufaula   -    
  East Broad Street, Eufaula, AL      

The Creek Town of Eufaula   -    
  East Broad Street, Eufaula, AL      

The Old County Courthouse   -   HCC 
  on Alabama Highway 51, Louisville, Alabama. WMFKBF      

The Opening of the Second Phase of the Second Creek War   -    
  1871 North Main Street, Louisville, AL      

The Second Creek War in the Eufaula Area   -    
  East Broad Street, Eufaula, AL      

The Town of Irwinton   -    
  East Broad Street, Eufaula, AL      

Union Baptist Church Cemetery   -    
  outside the cemetery fence at 508 Bowden Road (CR 24), Clayton, AL WMFM9F      

White Oak United Methodist Church   -   HCC 
  at 4180 U. S. Highway 431 South, about 8 miles south of Eufaula, Alabama. WM6EEJ      

William Thomas “Tom” Mann / Eufaula, Alabama   -    
  404 East Broad Street, Eufaula, AL      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.


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