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Blount County was created on 1818.

The county seat is in Oneonta, AL.,
and the county is 645 sq mi Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 01009

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There are 15 Historic Markers in Blount County.

A County Older Than the State - Blount County   -   AHA 
  at the intersection of Second Avenue East (US Highway 231) and 4th Street North, Oneonta, Alabama      

Bailey School 1893 - 1951   -   AHA 
  on County Road 36 0.1 miles north of New Home Church Road, Oneonta, Alabama WMCZAQ      

Battle Royal   -   AHA 
  Ala. Hwy 26 at Royal near Blountsville WMCYXR      

Blount Springs   -   AHA 
  intersection of U.S. 31 and County Road 7, Blount Springs, Alabama,      

Blountsville   -   AHA 
  intersection of Main Street (U.S. 231) and Lee Street West, Blountsville, Alabama WMCYXH      

Blountsville Court Square Timeline   -   ABT 
  in the square at the intersection of Hwy 79 and Lee Street, Blountsville, AL WMCYXM      

Champion Mines   -   AHA 
  at the intersection of 6th Street South (U.S. 231) and Champion Road, Oneonta, Alabama WMCZB4      

Ebenezer Hearn 1794-1862   -   AHA 
  intersection of College Street and Church Street, Blountsville, Alabama WMCYXQ      

Exploit of Murphree Sisters   -   AHA 
  Ala Hwy 26 at Royal near Blountsville WMCYXW      

Federal Raid   -   AHA 
  on Main Street (U.S. 231), Blountsville, Alabama      

Gabriel Hanby, 1786-1826 ← Grave and Homesite 300 Yards   -    
  at the intersection of State Highway 79 and Hornet Drive, Locust Fork, Alabama, WMCYXE      

Historic Oneonta L & N Railroad Depot   -   ABT 
  on 2nd Street South ¼ mile south of Alabama Highway 75, Oneonta, Alabama      

History of Locust Fork   -   ABT 
  in front of City Hall on Town Hall Road one block off AL Hwy 79, Locust Fork, AL WMD7TX      

Homesite and Grave of George Powell 1794 – 1872   -    
  On Co 160 at Nectar Bridge Rd., Nectar, AL WMD7T8      

Town of Susan Moore   -   ABT 
  next to the Town Hall on Rout 75, Susan Moore, AL WMCZAH      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.


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