Escambia County (27)

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Escambia County was created on 1868.

The county seat is in Brewton, AL.,
and the county is 945 sq mi Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 01053

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There are 20 Historic Markers in Escambia County.

Bank of Brewton   -   ABT 
  intersection of South Blvd (U.S. 29) and Belleville Ave, Brewton, Alabama      

Burnt Corn Park Cistern (Water Tank)   -    
  In a park on AL 41, Brewton, AL WMR0VP      

Canoe Station   -   AHA 
  Hwy 31 east of Atmore. AL WMKCR4      

Dixon Home Place   -   AHC 

Downing-Shofner School   -   AHA 
  Shorter St., East Brewton. AL      

Escambia County Training School   -    
  On Martin Luther King Ave between Broad & McGlasker Sts. WMTWNW      

Flomaton, Alabama   -   ABT 
  On US 29 at Houston St, Flomaton, AL WMWQED      

Franklin Cemetery Escambia County   -    
  In the cemetery on Cemetery Dr, Brewton, AL WMR0V9      

Hart Station   -    
  at the intersection of St Joseph Ave (U.S. 31) and Deer Street, Brewton, Alabama      

Old Federal Road   -    
  5376 Butler Road, Atmore, AL      

Pollard Methodist Church   -    
  910 Lamosa Street, Flomaton, AL      

Ritz Theatre   -   AHA 
  Hwy 31 at 29, Brewton, AL      

Site of Fort Crawford   -   AHA 
  Shofner and Weaver Streets, East Brewton, AL      

Site of Pollard   -   AHA 
  U.S. Hwy 31 between Flomaton and Brewton      

Southern Normal and Industrial Institute   -   AHC 

Southern Pine Electric Membership Corporation   -   AHC 
  2988 South Boulevard, Brewton, AL      

The Leigh Place   -    
  315 Belleville Avenue, Brewton, AL      

The Lindsey-Fitzgerald House   -    
  intersection of Misella St and Lamosa St, Flomaton, AL      

Union Cemetery   -    
  In the cemetery on Cemetery Dr, Brewton, AL WMR0V7      

Williams Station / Atmore Alabama   -   ABT 
  On Nashville Ave east of Pensacola Ave, Atmore, AL WMKCR8      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.


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