Perry County (53)

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Perry County was created on 1819.

The county seat is in Marion, AL.,
and the county is 720 sq mi Square Miles in area.

  FIPS Code: 01105

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There are 21 Historic Markers in Perry County.

A Seed is Planted   -    
  301 Pickens Street, Marion, AL      

Church of the Holy Cross   -   ABT 
  At the church on Franklin St., Uniontown, AL WMJEME      

Confederate 6-pounder Field Gun   -    
  300 Washington St, Marion, AL      

Confederate Rest   -   AHA 
  In the St. Wilfrid's Cemetery off of Clements St., Marion, AL WMJEXY      

First Congregational Church of Marion Established 1869   -   AHC 
  on Lincoln Heights St at Church St., Marion, AL WMJEY3      

Green Gables   -   ABT 
  Hwy 80 east of Uniontown, AL WMJEM9      

Honoring: Reverend James Orange   -    
  at the intersection of Pickens St and Green St, Marion, AL      

In Memory of Albert Turner, Sr.   -    
  on Pickens St near Green St, Marion, AL      

Jimmie Lee Jackson / Jackson's Death Led to ‘Bloody Sunday’ March   -    
  301 Pickens Street, Marion, AL WMY67V      

Judson College   -   ABT 
  302 Bibb St, Marion, AL WMJEY1      

Lincoln Normal School   -   AHC 
  on Lincoln St. at Lee St., Marion, AL WMJEYB      

Marion   -    
  123 Jefferson Street, Marion, AL      

Marion City Hall   -    
  405 Polk Street, Marion, AL      

Marion Military Institute   -   AHC 
  on Washington St. west of Grove St., Marion, AL WMJEYA      

Muckle's Ridge   -   ABT 
  At the Perry County Courthouse at the intersection of Washington St. and Al 14, Marion, AL WMJEY9      

Ocmulgee Baptist Church   -   ABT 

Siloam Baptist Church   -   AHC 
  505 Washington Street, Marion, AL WMJEY6      

South College Barracks Fire of 1924   -    
  1101 Washington St, Marion, AL      

St. Wilfrid's Episcopal Cemetery   -   AHC 
  In the St. Wilfrid's Cemetery off of Clements St., Marion, AL WMJEXV      

The Alabama Baptist   -   ABT 
  On DeKalb St east of Bibb St., Marion, AL WMJEY0      

The Marion Female Seminary   -   ABT 
  At the old Marion Female Seminary Building on Monroe St. near Spring St., Marion, AL WMJEXW      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.


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