St. Clair County (59)

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St. Clair County was created on 1818.

The county seat is in Ashville and Pell City, AL.,
and the county is 632 sq mi Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 01115

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There are 17 Historic Markers in St. Clair County.

A County Older Than the State-St. Clair County   -   AHA 
  US Hwy 78 (Cogswell St.) at 18th St. North in Pell City, AL WMD505      

A County Older Than the State-St. Clair County   -   AHA 
  US Hwy 231 (6th Avenue) on courthouse lawn, Ashville, AL WMD2C1      

Assassination Site of Sgt. E. Frank Harrison   -   SCV 
  on 5th Street (U.S. 231) south of 9th Avenue, AL WMD2MJ      

Battle of "Ten Islands"   -   SCV 
  in the H. Neely Henry Dam Park and can be reached from State Highway 144, Ohatchee, Alabama WMG49N      

Camp Winnataska   -   AHA 
  Camp Winnetaska Drive off Winnataska Road south of the Prescott community west of Pell City, AL WMD4YN      

First Baptist Church of Springville   -   AHA 
  Wilson St. at Robinson Street in Springville, AL WMD2GQ      

Fort Strother   -   AHA 
  at Chamber of Commerce (Old Depot) in Talladega      

Fort Strother   -    
  at the intersection of State Highway 144 and Valley Drive, Ohatchee, Alabama WMG49W      

Harkey's Chapel United Methodist Church   -   AHA 
  AL Hwy 144 at No Business Creek Road at Coal City, AL WMD4ZY      

Historic Downtown Pell City   -   AHA 
  US Hwy 78 (Cogswell St.) at Historic Edwin Holladay Place, Courthouse lawn in Pell City, AL WMD4Z6      

John Looney House   -   AHA 
  County Road 24 southwest of Ashville, AL WMD4Y0      

Original Site of Pleasant Hill Methodist Church   -    
  Pleasant Hill Dr., Springville, AL WMRPK8      

Pell City's Historic Residential District   -   AHA 
  2nd Avenue North at 21st Street North in Pell City, AL WMD507      

Pell City, Alabama   -   ABT 
  in front of City Hall on 1st Avenue North at 19th Street, Pell City, AL WMD4YH      

The Dean / Inzer House   -   SCV 
  at the intersection of 5th Street (U.S. 411) and 7th Avenue, Ashville, Alabama WMD2MD      

The Mill Village   -   AHA 
  Martin St. North at 26th Street North in Pell City, AL WMDMN8      

Town of Margaret   -   ABT 
  on Main Street in front of the city park, Margaret, AL WMDBGF      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.


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