Sumter County (60)

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Sumter County was created on 1832.

The county seat is in Livingston, AL.,
and the county is 904 sq mi Square Miles in area.

  FIPS Code: 01119

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There are 14 Historic Markers in Sumter County.

Fort Tombecbee-3/4 mile   -   AHA 

Gen. N. B. Forrest   -   AHA 
  Ala. Hwy 39, Gainesville, AL      

History of York / Coleman Center   -   AHC 
  630 Avenue A, York, AL      

John Anthony Winston (1812-1871)   -   AHA 

Line 32° 28' North Latitude   -   AHA 
  US Hwy 11 north of York, AL WMWEJF      

Livingston State College   -   AHA 
  Washington Street, Livingston, AL WM7FYQ      

Livingston, Ala.   -   DAR 
  306 Spring Street, Livingston, AL      

Livingston, Alabama and Livingston's Bored Well   -   AHC 
  Washington St S, Livingston, AL WMWEFC      

Sumter County   -   AHA 
  Lafayette Street, Livingston, AL WM7FYW      

Sumter County's Covered Bridge   -   AHA 
  Student Union Drive, Livingston, AL      

The Rooster Bridge   -   AHC 
  on U.S. 80 3 miles east of State Road 28, Demopolis, Alabama      

Town of Emelle   -   AHC 
  123 Dailey Avenue, Emelle, AL      

Town of Gainesville   -   AHC 
  intersection of State St and McKee St, Gainesville, AL      

Woodbury   -   AHA 
  intersection of State St and McKee St, Gainesville, AL      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.


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