Talladega County (61)

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Talladega County was created on 1832.

The county seat is in Talladega, AL.,
and the county is 737 sq mi Square Miles in area.

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  FIPS Code: 01121

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There are 28 Historic Markers in Talladega County.

Auburn University and Birmingham-Southern College Began in Talladega, 1854   -   AHA 
  South Street East at East Street South in Talladega, AL      

Battle of Talladega   -   AHA 
  at the intersection of East Battle Street and Court Street North, Talladega, AL      

Central Plank Road   -   AHA 
  Ala. Hwy 231, Winterboro, AL   

Coosa   -   AHA 
  AL Hwy 235 at mile marker 2 north of Childersburg, AL WMG4H6      

Cosa   -   AHA 
  on 12th Ave. (US 231) @ Childersburg Fayettecille Hwy, Childersburg, WMG4H7      

De Soto Caverns   -   AHA 
  AL Hwy 76 east of Childersburg at entrance to park WMG4GM      

De Soto's Visit   -   CDA 
  at the intersection of U.S. 280 and Childersburg Fayettville Highway (State Highway 76), Childersburg, Alabama      

Fayetteville   -   AHA 
  On Old Fayetteville Rd at Caudies lake Rd, Sylacauga, AL WMG4GP      

Federal Raids   -   AHA 
  US Hwy 231 north of Talladega   

Fort Williams   -   AHA 
  Ft. Mitchell Street in Sylacauga , AL WMEYGK      

Hernando De Soto   -   AHA 
  US Hwy 231 north of Talladega   

Hightower Brothers Livery Stable   -   AHA 
  N. Norton Street near the Blue Bell factory in Sylacauga, AL WMEYGP      

History of Childersburg   -   ABT 
  at the intersection of 1st Street Southwest (State Highway 76) and 6th Avenue Southwest, Childersburg, Alabama WMG4H0      

Hodges Meteorite / Stars Fell on Alabama   -   ABT 
  on Old U.S. Highway 280 0.2 miles north of Odens Mill Road (County Road 36), Oak Grove, Alabama WMEYG7      

Lincoln, Alabama   -   ABT 
  on County Road 433 north of 1st Avenue, Lincoln, Alabama WMDMTP      

Marble City Cemetery Sylacauga   -   AHC 
  On West 4th Street, Sylacauga, AL WMEYMK      

Mardisville   -   AHA 
  AL Hwy 21 at County Road 241 south of Talladega, AL      

Maria Forge   -   AHA 
  Ala. Hwy 77   

Mumford Skirmi   -   AHA 
  Ala. Hwy 21   

Presbyterian Home for Children-Synod of Alabama-Presbyterian Church in the United States   -   AHA 
  on Ashland Highway (State Highway 77) east of Chaffee Street, Talladega, Alabama WMFXNN      

Refuge Cemetery   -   AHC 
  on Holly Hills Road (CR 7) across from the Refuge Baptist Church, Lincoln, AL WMFXNK      

Sylacauga   -   AHA 
  at the intersection of South Broadway Avenue (State Highway 21) and Goodwater Highway (County Road 511), Sylacauga, Alabama WMEYGG      

Talladega Courthouse Square Historic District   -   ABT 
  on N. East Street, Talladega, Alabama      

Talladega Furnace   -   AHA 
  US Hwy 231 south of Talladega   

The De Soto Trail   -    
  at the intersection of U.S. 280 and Childersburg Fayettville Highway (State Highway 76), Childersburg, Alabama      

The Joiner Family   -    
  on Brignola St ΒΌ mile east of N East st (Alabama Highway 77). Talladega, Alabama      

To The Memory of General Jackson   -    
  on Gen. Jackson Memorial Dr south of Mallory Cir, Fayetteville, Alabama      

USS Talladega (APA-208)   -    
  at the intersection of W. North Street and Court Square West, Talladega, Alabama      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.


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