Winston County (67)

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Winston County was created on 1850.

The county seat is in Double Springs, AL.,
and the county is 613 sq mi Square Miles in area.

  FIPS Code: 01133

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There are 12 Historic Markers in Winston County.

Arley, Alabama   -    
  on County Route 41, Arley, Alabama      

Bethel School   -    
  on Wilson Bend Road (County Route 12) north of County Route 242, Arley, Alabama      

Byler Road / Natural Bridge Timeline   -   ABT 
  Natural Bridge, AL      

City of Haleyville   -   ABT 
  in a small park on 20th Street, Haleyville, AL WMNA94      

Jacob Pruet's Stand   -   AHC 
  Haleyville, AL      

Nathan, Alabama   -    
  at the intersection of Helicon Road (County Route 77) and Nathan Loop Raod (County Route 1285), Arley, Alabama      

Old Arley School   -    
  on County Route 41 south of Mellville Road, Arley, Alabama      

Piney Ridge School   -    
  at the intersection of County Route 41 and County Route 275, Arley, Alabama      

The Byler Road   -   AHC 
  Haleyville, AL      

The Honorable Frank Minis Johnson, Jr.   -   AHC 
  in a small small park on 20th Street, Haleyville, AL WMNA9A      

The Jail at Houston   -   AHC 
  Houston, AL      

The Party Line - The “Talking Machine”   -    
  at the intersection of County Route 41 and Mellville Road, Arley, Alabama      


M  - The marker is missing.
R  - The marker has been removed.


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