Historic Markers Across Alabama

Ellicot's Stone

Marker ID: AHA 
County: Baldwin
Waymark: None


Erected April 9th, 1799
Marks 1st Southern Boundary of the United States and the Mississippi Territory created in 1798
900 feet East

Stone marked 31° North Latitude separating the U.S. & Spanish Florida.
This line of demarcation ran from the Mississippi east, along the 31° parallel to the Chattahoochee River, thence down that river to the mouth of the Flint River, thence on a line to the headwaters of the St. Mary's River, thence down that river to the Atlantic Ocean.

Major Andrew Ellicott, appointed by George Washington as U.S. Commissioner to survey the boundary as defined in the Treaty of San Lorenzo (1795), was engaged in this expedition from 1796-1800. Esteban Minor was appointed Commissioner on the Spanish side.

In 1803, the Ellicott Stone was selected as the Initial Point to begin the U.S. Public Land Surveys which control land boundaries in southern Alabama & Mississippi (St. Stephens Meridian).

End of Ellicot's Stone