Historic Markers Across Alabama

City of Fairhope

Marker ID: ABT 
Location: Fairhope
County: Baldwin
Waymark: None


Side 1:
Fairhope began as a dream in the minds of a group of individuals who were seeking their own special utopia. The first Single-Tax colonists (so called because of their belief in the economic theories of Henry George, who advocated no taxes other than a single land tax), looked at land throughout the South and Midwest before settling in 1894 on a high bluff overlooking Mobile Bay. According to legend, one of the group said the new colony had a fair hope of success, and the community of Fairhope was born. Based on a spirit of cooperative individualism, the Single Tax Colony attracted supporters and financial backers from around the county, drawing an eclectic assemblage of industrious, creative and free-thinking people to Fairhope.

Fairhope has always been a resort community, early visitors came by Bayboat from Mobile to vacation in bay cottages and hotels along the bluff. Vacationers came to Fairhope in the early days for many of the same reasons they do today: its pleasant climate, peaceful surroundings and inspiring scenery.

Side 2:
Today, Fairhope is a breathtaking vision that draws visitors from around the world who come to enjoy its natural beauty and its vibrant downtown filled with unique shops, galleries, gourmet restaurants, cozy cafes and beautiful flowers. Fairhope is much more than just one of the prettiest small towns in the South. The city leads the way for other communities across the United States and seeks to maintain the city's high quality of life through controlled and planned growth.

End of City of Fairhope