Historic Markers Across Alabama

Magnolia Springs, Alabama

Marker ID: ABT 
Location: 14755 Oak Street, Magnolia Springs, AL
County: Baldwin
Coordinates: N 30° 24.086    W 087° 46.266
  30.40143333    -87.7711
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMDM18


Side 1:
Established by Spanish land grant almost 300 years ago, Magnolia Springs was a major destination for soldiers from both sides after the Civil War. The town’s name was a combination of two local assets - the ever-flowing springs and the towering canopy of magnolia and oak trees that line most of the streets. Nestled in the curves of the Magnolia River, the settlement drew residents from Alabama, Vermont, Illinois, and Missouri, who built homes and businesses (such as a thriving turpentine industry) on the banks of the river, the main thoroughfare during the community’s early development. At the turn of the 20th century, chemical companies in Chicago deemed the water from the springs “the purest in the world.” Inns and hotels were established for the growing tourist trade. Steamers, such as “The Magnolia,” brought supplies and passengers to the area. Always central to this community was the river. Today, mail is still delivered by boat, as it has been since 1916. It's the last continuous year-round river mail delivery in the U.S.

Side 2:
For over 100 years the Magnolia Springs Community Association, with monthly potlucks, kept people abreast of local events; the hall erected in 1894 provided a meeting place for the residents. A volunteer fire department served the safety needs of the community, housed in a small cinder block structure behind the historic Community Hall and adjacent to St. Paul’s Episcopal Chapel, built in 1905. Today, the Magnolia Springs Volunteer Fire Department has their own modern facility on the former grounds of the old Magnolia School (the school was erected in 1927 and was destroyed by fire in 1985.

By the turn of the 21st century, residents of the little unincorporated village moved into a new historical phase and the Town of Magnolia Springs was incorporated in 2006 with Charles S. Houser as the first Mayor. Magnolia Springs, a successful blend of native and transplant, continues to offer the warmth of traditional hospitality and the appeal of treasured historic heritage.

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