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Battery Dearborn (1900-1924)

Marker ID:  
Location: on the grounds of Fort Morgan State Historic Park, 51 Highway 180 West, Gulf Shores, AL
County: Baldwin
Coordinates: N 30° 13.784    W 088° 0.735
  30.22973333    -88.01225
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: None


Constructed between 1899 and 1900, the battery was named in honor of Major General Henry Dearborn, a Revolutionary War hero. The battery mounted eight 12” breech-loading mortars. Each mortar weighed 13 tons and was 11’ 9” long. The battery’s mortars did not fire directly at a target, but rather into one of eight “zones.” Different weights of projectiles and powder charges were used in each zone. Projectiles weighted between 824 and 1046 pounds and were propelled by powder charges weighing between 54 and 62 pounds. Maximum range for each mortar was seven miles.

Thirty-one men were assigned to each mortar. A gun detachment of twelve men fired the mortar while nineteen men, the ammunition detachment, brought projectiles and powder from the magazines. In May 1918, the Army removed two of the mortars from each pit for use by American Forces in France during WWI. The battery was deactivated in 1924; however, the four remaining mortars would remain in place until 1942 when they were scrapped for the war effort of WWII.

End of Battery Dearborn (1900-1924)