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Creek Indian Removal

Marker ID: HCC 
Location: at Old Creek Town Park, Lake Drive, Eufaula, Alabama.
County: Barbour
Coordinates: N 31° 54.982    W 085° 07.437
  31.91636666    -85.12395
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMPRJN


At the dawn of the recorded history of this land, the Creek Indians owned it. Before the men who built the great houses and the men who made the laws settled this area, the United States of America ceded this land to the Creek Indians for "as long as the grass grows or the water runs." Within four years, the Creeks were driven from this land by men who would profit by their expulsion. Before the Creeks were removed from this area, Chief Eufaula addressed the Alabama Legislature. These are some of the words that he spoke:

"I come here, brothers, to see the great house of Alabama, and the men who make the law, and to say farewell in brotherly kindness before I go to the far West, where my people are now going."

"In these lands of Alabama, which have belonged to my forefathers and where their bones lie buried, I see that the Indian fires are going out. Soon they will be cold."

"New fires are lighting in the West for us, they say, and we will go there. I do not believe our Great Father means to harm his red children, but that he wishes us well."

"We leave behind our good will to the people of Alabama who will build the great houses and to the men who make the laws. This is all I have to say."

May all who read this have within them, the charity that was within the heart of Chief Eufaula.

Erected by the Historic Chattahoochee Commission and the Eufaula Heritage Association, 1979.

End of Creek Indian Removal