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Aberfoil Community

Marker ID: AHA 
Location: Hwy 29 and Co. Rd. 31
County: Bullock
Coordinates: N 32° 4.104    W 085° 41.23
  32.06841      -85.68721
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMFP4K


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Charles G. Lynch, Thomas Scott, David Hudson, and A.J. and E.A. Jackson. Aberfoil was the first town incorporated within the present boundaries of Bullock County, and was one of three sites considered for the county seat in 1867.

The Aberfoil post office was established with Alfred Spaulding appointed postmaster on September 6, 1837. The Aberfoil Male and Female Academy was incorporated as the community's first school on February 2, 1839, with Lewis Stoudenmire, Benjamin Scott, Samuel Johnson, James Larkin, Charles G. Lynch, Linson Keener and John McBearhall as trustees. Aberfoil Academy , with F.G. Thomas, James Larkins, A.Y. Frierson, Lewis Stoudenmire, Frederick Houghton as trustees, followed in 1843. Another Aberfoil Academy was incorporated in 1860, with Howell Peebles, John Allums, Simon Stinson and N.G. Owens as trustees. Aberfoil Public School was organized by Reverend C.H. Thornton in 1890, located next to the Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church.

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Aberfoil community has been served by Lydia Baptist Church and Aberfoil Methodist Episcopal Church for the white population and Walton Chapel and Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church for the African American population. Cemeteries in the community include Lydia Cemetery, Aberfoil Methodist Episcopal South Church Cemetery (Aberfoil Family Cemetery), Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, and African Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery. Several stores, a Masonic Lodge and a blacksmith shop served the community which thrived into the early 1900s. Dallas Stoudenmire, a native of Aberfoil, joined the Confederate army at age 16 and became a legendary lawman in the post-war West where he served as a Texas Ranger, Town Marshal of El Paso, and United States Deputy Marshal.
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