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Anniston Public Library Desegregation

Marker ID: ACRT 6
Location: 108 East 10th Street, Anniston, AL
County: Calhoun
Coordinates: N 33° 39.419    W 085° 49.666
  33.65698333    -85.82776666
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


Anniston Public Library Desegregation
September 15-16, 1963

—Anniston Civil Rights Trail —

Desegregation of the Library began when two African American pastors, Reverends William B. McClain and Nimrod Q. Reynolds, peacefully attempted to enter the building on September 15, 1963. Their actions were endorsed by the city of Anniston Human Relations Council, which was pursuing desegregation of public institutions in Anniston. As the men approached the Library, several white men attacked them, and both men were injured, Reynolds seriously. The next day, Reverends J. Phillips Noble and George Smitherman, City Commissioner Miller Sproull, and Library board members Charlie Doster and Carelton Lentz accompanied McClain as he entered the Library without incident and checked out a book.

Erected 2016 by City of Anniston Historic Trails Program.


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End of Anniston Public Library Desegregation