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Hopewell Methodist Church

Marker ID: HCC 
County: Chambers
Waymark: None


The origins of Hopewell M.E. Church date to religious meetings held by Reverend James M. Spear soon after coming to Chambers County in 1839. An 1841 Class Paper names 48 white and 6 black members. The oldest written record entitled "Hopewell M. E. Church" is dated April 1843. It lists 44 members and names trustees, James M. Spear, Hardy Hancock, Robert B. Everitt, Osborne Robinson and Micajah Wardlaw. A house of worship erected near the Spear home was destroyed in a storm shortly after Reverend Spear's death in November 1852. Both he and his wife, Margaret Everitt Spear are buried at this first location.

In 1853, James E. Chambers donated 3 acres of land on the Collins Ferry-Oakbowery Road for Hopewell Church and Cemetery. The first building here was crude with split log benches. It was replaced in the 1880's by one built by James B. Chambers & J. R. P. Chambers. It serves today as the sanctuary. Trustees in 1880 were John T. Holladay, Ivey Morris and William Barnes. Early preachers included: James H. Laney, W. P. Miller, John W. Laney, John Matthews, C.D. Oliver, S. H. Dimon, R. W. Anderson, F. P Culver, H. S. Hamilton, Z. A. Dowling, G. E. Driskill, R. M. Archibald, J C. Craig, C. W. Seale, H. M. Hurst, H. S. Mathews, V. W. Hamner, S. A. Swindell, W. T. Holderidge, W. M. Treadaway, J. H. Hearn, I. M. Sewell, J. O. Weathers.

Erected by the Historic Chattahoochee Commission and Hopewell United Methodist Church, 150th Anniversary, 1993.


Marker Dedication or Erection Date:  1993

End of Hopewell Methodist Church