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Ward's Mill

Marker ID: HCC 
County: Chambers
Waymark: None


Where Oakfuskee Trail crosses Oseligee Creek: Nimrod Doyle, first white settler in present day Chambers County, built a trading post and grist mill here in 1816-1818. Doyle was in the Great Lakes Indian Wars under General St. Clair. He knew Indian leader Tucemseh at Detroit, and was the only white man Tecumseh would talk with at Tukabachi. Doyle was sub-agent under Indian agent Benjamin Hawkins. Nimrod Doyle married daughter of Coweta Indian Joseph Islands and fathered two sons and two daughters.

Children of Nimrod Doyle, first white settler of present day Chambers County: Daughter Muscogee Doyle's land from 1832 treaty became site of Fredonia. Amanda Doyle married James Callahan at Asbury Mission near Fort Mitchell in 1829. Callahan was last survivor of the Confederate Congress. Son Jackson married a Creek woman and owned Ward's Mill site 1832. Son Winchester married a white woman. Doyle's family went with Creek Indians to Oklahoma. Since then many whites have owned this place, including Revolutionary Veteran Stephen Nolen, and later, Solomon Ward.

Erected by the Historic Chattahoochee Commission, The Chambers County Commission, The Leonard B. Blanton Family 1985


The Ward’s Mill marker has been stolen. The Sheriff’s Department is trying to locate the marker.

End of Ward's Mill