Historic Markers Across Alabama

Maplesville United Methodist Church

Marker ID: AHC 
County: Chilton
Waymark: None


This structure is an excellent example of the one-room Gothic Revival-style church buildings which once were built throughout the South. It was originally located on a three-acre site that was deeded to trustees W. A. D. Ramsey, G. W. Brand, and D. J. Waterworth, on September 15, 1871, by Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Dansby for the benefit of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. The Methodist Cemetery now occupies that site. In 1888 the church was dismantled and moved to this location to be more visible from the railroad. In the early days of Maplesville the church served as a house of worship for all denominations and at times as a school.

(Erected 1993 by the Congregation)

End of Maplesville United Methodist Church