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Scandinavian Cemetery

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Location: 560 Alabama Avenue, Thorsby, AL
County: Chilton
Coordinates: N 32° 54.43    W 086° 42.888
  32.90716666    -86.7148
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMH3EA


Scandinavian Cemetery

In 1896 Swedish settlers organized the Concordia Methodist Church and acquired this land for the Concordia Cemetery, later known as the Lutheran Cemetery. This is the former site of Strassburg School. In the 1980s it became known as the Scandinavian Cemetery since most of those laid to rest here were Lutherans, not only of Swedish descent, but of Norwegian, Danish and Finnish. They were primarily from the upper mid-western United States and desired a better climate and living conditions to work in and raise their families. They cleared the land, built homes, planted orchards and vineyards, established businesses, schools and churches. They developed a thriving town where they enjoyed social gatherings, band concerts, festive celebrations, and built life-long friendships. This marker was placed here in 2010 by descendants of the Scandinavians laid to rest here and the Thorsby Historical Preservation Committee to remember these people who founded the Town of Thorsby.

Listed in the Alabama Historic Cemetery Register.
Erected in 2010 by the Thorsby Historical Preservation Committee.

End of Scandinavian Cemetery