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C S A Brooke Cannon S-96

Marker ID:  
Location: 350 Commerce Street, Jackson, AL
County: Clarke
Coordinates: N 31° 30.469    W 087° 53.757
  31.50781666    -87.89595
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


C S A Brooke Cannon S-96

The Brooke cannon designed by Captain John M. Brooke C.S. Navy, and manufactured in Selma, Alabama, was credited by experts North and South the most powerful cannon used in the War for Southern Independence its range was up to 2200 yards.

The identifying number S-96 on the cascabel means that it was the 96th gun made at the Confederate Arsenal in Selma. On the right-hand trunnion of the weapon are the initials of Catesby ap. R. Jones (CapRJ), the left-hand trunnion is the weight, about 15,200 lb. It was delivered to the Mobile defenses on December 21, 1864.

The S-95, another Brooke cannon, is still at Choctaw Bluff on the Alabama River. It is a 7" gun which was cast on August 8, 1864 and was shipped on January 6, 1865 to the Mobile defenses. The S-96 was used for defense at Oven Bluff on the Tombigbee River.

End of C S A Brooke Cannon S-96