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Marker ID: AHA 
County: Coffee
Status: The marking is missing.
Waymark: None


Approximately two miles east. The First Seat of Justice for Coffee County, Alabama. Named for General William Wellborn, an Alabama Commander during the Creek Indian War of 1836-37. Under the Act of December 29, 1841, establishing Coffee County, Commissioners Britton T. Atkinson, James Claxton, Thomas Cole, John B. Cruise, and Amos Wiggins were named to secure a "seat of justice" not exceeding 160 acres, not more than six miles from the center of the county, and to erect thereon a court house and jail and lay off the remaining lots for sale. The court house burned in March, 1851. In 1852, by election, Elba was chosen as permanent location for the court house


Missing 2008

End of Wellborn