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Evergreen Baptist Church

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Location: 107 Park Street, Evergreen, AL
County: Conecuh
Coordinates: N 31° 26.07    W 086° 57.135
  31.4345    -86.95225
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMNGK7


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The church was organized March 15, 1845, in the home of George Brown. The organizing council consisted of Alexander Travis, Keidar Hawthorne, J.J. Sessions. Charter members were George and Mary Brown, Elbert and Louisa Joiner, Philoligas and Sarah Land and Richard Shipp.

The sanctuary building was constructed in a Tudor Revival style and dedicated Feb. 2, 1908. The Education Building was completed in 1950, with an extension, Croom Hall, dedicated in 1968. The Activities Building was constructed in 1974.

The Louise Short Widows and Orphans Home was founded on Main Street under the leadership of the church's pastor, J.W. Stewart, in 1891. It moved to Troy in 1923 and was renamed the Alabama Baptist Children's Home.

Castleberry Baptist Church began as a mission of the church in 1892. The Bower Mission began in the home of M.V. Bower on Pecan Street in 1958 and was dedicated as Bower Memorial Baptist Church in 1963.

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Evergreen Baptist Church has ordained 16 men to the ministry, including Luther Moye, a missionary to Chile.

G. Longmire•Frank Brewner•Dr. Richard Hall
Alexander Travis•W.G. Curry•Dr. J.G. Dickinson
A.W. Jones•J.E. Bell•Earl Powell
W.C. Morrow•B.H. Crumpton•Alfred A. Staples
J.J. Sessions•J.W. Stewart•Dr. Samuel A. Granade
W.D. Hubbard•P. Jackson Williamson
J.D. Kendrick•S.P. Lindsey•Phillip E. Weaver
Andrew Jay•Dr. A.G. Moseley
Long-term pastorates: Dr. J.G. Dickinson, 1914-1943;
Dr. Samuel A. Granade, 1948-1973;
Rev. P. Jackson Williamson, 1973-1995.

This memorial is placed to God's glory in loving memory of dedicated deacon, Thurmond H. Gilmer by his wife, Marjorie, and daughter, Thurmond Ann Gilmer Boles.

End of Evergreen Baptist Church