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Marker ID: AHC 
County: Crenshaw
Waymark: None


Rutledge was the 1st county seat of Crenshaw County & held that position from March 1867 to May 1893. Originally called Barber’sCross Roads, it was briefly named Crenshaw; but June 10, 1867, it was changed to Rutledge in honor of Captain Henry Rutledge, Company H, 59th Alabama Infantry, C.S.A.

The 1st elected county officials were: George W. Thagard, Probate Judge; James M. Lawrence, Tax Collector; W.T. Massey, Tax Assessor; John R. Snow, Sheriff; F.M. Cody, Circuit Clerk; & John P. Cook, D.A. Rutledge, Hugh Cameron & John Jones, County Commissioners. Elizabeth Pittman donated the land on which the 2-story courthouse was built.

Rutledge was for many years a thriving community, but the construction of the Alabama Midland Railroad from Montgomery to Luverne in 1888 by-passed the town. A spur track built from Julian to Rutlege in 1891 failed to stop the loss of population & business to Luverne & in 1893 a special election led to the county seat being moved there.

(Erected 1990 by the Crenshaw County Historical Society)

End of Rutledge