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Monitoring Watershed Health

Marker ID:  
Location: on 1240 Co Rd 1043 in Clarkson Covered Bridge Park, Cullman, AL
County: Cullman
Coordinates: N 34° 12.448    W 086° 59.452
  34.20746666    -86.99086666
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


Monitoring Watershed Health

How can we know if Crooked Creek is healthy or safe for recreation?
Monitoring water quality with various test can give us our answers.

Chemistry Monitoring examines different variables like temperature, PH, dissolved oxygen, and water clarity to determine water quality.

Bacteriological Monitoring test water for the bacterial E coli which lets us know if potentially harmful fecal contaminations is present.

Biological Monitoring uses aquatic bugs or macro-invertebrates that live at the stream bottom to determine the creek's health.

Volunteer Water Monitors have been keeping an eye on Crooked Creek and other local waterbodies for years. You can learn more about their findings and how you can get involved in water monitoring by contacting Alabama Water Watch.

Web: www.alabamawaterwatch.org
Email: info@alabamawaterwatch.org
Phone: 1-888-444-4785

Alabama Water Watch

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