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The Beloit Industrial Institute

Marker ID: AHC 
Location: on Alabama Highway 22, Marion Junction, AL
County: Dallas
Coordinates: N 32° 21.258    W 087° 9.204
  32.3543    -87.1534
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


The Beloit Industrial Institute was founded in 1888 by the Industrial Missionary Association, an area subdivision of the American Missionary Associations. The President of the Association, Dr Charles B. Curtis, was a Presbyterian missionary and educator from Wisconsin who established the school and founded the Beloit community. Dr. Curtis named the community for his Alma Mater, Beloit College in Wisconsin. The Beloit Industrial Institute gained recognition as the first Christian school for African-Americans who lived in Dallas County. From 1888 to 1923, the Beloit school functioned as the intellectual, social and religious hub for the thriving Beloit community. The school was the first in Dallas County to combine agribusiness training with strong Christian teachings. In 1923, the Dallas County School Board gained legal possession of the school which they retained until 1963 when desegregation and zoning forced the closing of the school's doors. For a period of ten years, the school building was owned by a private business. In 1974 the building was purchased by the Beloit Community Organization. It now functions as a multi-purpose, community center and exists as a shining example of progress, self-reliance and community service for generations of past, present and future Alabamians.

(Erected 1994 by the Beloit Community Organization )

End of The Beloit Industrial Institute