Historic Markers Across Alabama

Civil War Prison

Marker ID:  
Location: In a park area at the end of Capitol Avenue near Vine Avenue, Cahaba, Alabama
County: Dallas
Coordinates: N 32° 18.984    W 087° 5.76
  32.3164    -87.096
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: None


In 1858, the railroad company graded away an Indian mound that stood here. A brick warehouse was built in its place. From 1863 - 1865 the Confederate government used this warehouse to hold captured Federal Soldiers. You are standing on a pile of brick rubble from this structure.

This official 1864 diagram helped archaeologists identify the actual prison site. Carefully excavated clues revealed that a proposed extension to the stockade was actually built.

If you follow the brick rubble at your feet, you can walk the perimeter of the prison. It held 3000 men but only measured 200 by 125 feet!

End of Civil War Prison