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Redoubt No. 15 - 1st Mississippi Cavalry

Marker ID:  
Location: at the intersection of Summerfield Road and Battery Ave, Selma, AL
County: Dallas
Coordinates: N 32° 25.651    W 087° 01.908
  32.42751666    -87.0318
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMNM9G



Redoubt No. 15 located just to the west of Summerfield Road was defended by Colonel Pinson's 1st Mississippi Cavalry Regiment of Anderson's Brigade. Their 400 men held positions on the west side of the road and the rest of Armstrong's present; Ballentine's 7th Mississippi Cavalry, and Dillon's 2nd Mississippi Cavalry held the east of the road. These 1,000 men, Forrest's veterans, would bear the brunt of Long's attack.

"Ballentine's regiment was in the works on the right of the road... none of us thought the enemy would assault the works, exposed as they would be in an open field for some hundreds of yards... While we were all looking – the sun was nearly down – long, dark line of men appeared on the brow of the ridge; they moved slowly forward for a while, and then broke into a cheer and charge... I could not restrain the men near me, they began firing too soon. But as the enemy came nearer I could plainly see the deadly effects of our fire, though it did not check the enemy... Stepping on the banquette at the base of the parapet, I fired my Tranter five times into the struggling mass, and had commenced to reload when I heard wild cheering to the right. I knew that all was lost. I could see the enemy pouring over the works to the right, not a hundred yards away, and the mounted column fast approaching." Lt. Colonel Frank Montgomery, 1st Mississippi Cavalry, Anderson's Brigade

Map of the City of Selma, showing battle lines.

End of Redoubt No. 15 - 1st Mississippi Cavalry